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      Design philosophy and System composition of Electric Pedal

      Electric Pedal is a kind of automatic retractable automobile electric pedal, which supplies convenient service for getting in and out of automobiles with high chassis.

       Working Principle£º

       1.When the door opens, electric pedal will stick out automatically and stop until it reaches the limit position.

       2.When the door closes, electric pedal will take back automatically and return to the bottom of automobile.

       Design Philosophy:

       1.In order to make users convenient to get in and out, especially women and children;

       2.Make the overall structure of automobile more beautiful and harmonious with the installation of electric pedal.

       3.It will not reduce the passing ability of the automobile body comparing with fixed pedal.


       Suitable vehicle model:

       Commercial Vehicles£¬ SUV £¬pick-up trucks and other models with higher chassis

       Basic Structure Analysis:

      The electric pedal consists of pedal, retractable structure, motor parts, control system, control wire harness, magnetic control module(optional), installing accessories and so on.


      It is the brain of the whole pedal to control its normal operation. Now Range Rover develops with a original electric pedal with single motor.While in china, there is a double-motor electric pedal suitable for car modificine.Generally, double-motor is more guaranteed than single-motor.

      Single-Motor,that is one rocker arm is driven by motor directly and the other follows up.The resistance of single-motor system will increase and cause unevenness of the pedal.Meanwhile, the holding power of passive rocker arm is weaker.

      Pedal with double motor will not meet this kind of problem.The peal can work normally even if one motor is broken.Double-motor pedal has higher requirements on motors.If these two motors are not synchronous, it will cause interference.


      The pedal is usually made of aluminum alloy with the minimum bearing of 200kG.Their basic bearing is all above 300kg.The anti-slip particles and special coating on the surface of pedal can improve its performance markedly and optimize users¡¯ experience.

       3.Retractable Structure

      At present, the retractable structure of electric pedal mainly consists of four-bar linkage,six-bar linkage and so on.

       4.Control System

      There are mainly OBD interface approach, cable magnetic control, wireless magnetic control and so on.


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