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      What is EMC£¨electromagnetic compatibility£©

      With the wide application for the electrical and electronic equipment, the electromagnetic is everywhere at any time which is the potential interference the electronic device. In order to make sure the device can operate normally in the condition of electromagnetic environment and decrease the electromagnetic pollution caused by itself to the environment at the same time, many countries have issued the standard for the EMC. In the developed countries, the equipment which can not meet the standard for the EMC is not allowed to sell. The technique of the EMC is one of the basic technique that the designers of the electronic products should know and master.


      Electromagnetic interference is the electromagnetic phenomenon that has been found. The electromagnetic caused during the operation of the electrical and electronic equipment will easily interfere the other electrical and electronic equipment nearby, then cause failure or effect the transmission of the signal. Besides, excessive electromagnetic interference will form electromagnetic pollution which is harmful to human`s health and destroy the ecological balance.


      If all kinds of the electrical devices can operate normally without any electromagnetic interference leading to the performance change or device damage in one system, people will regard the electrical devices in this system are compatible. But with the function diversification of the equipment, complication of the structure, increase of the power and the frequency as well as the sensitivity, the compatibility is difficult to acquire. In order to achieve the electromagnetic of the system, every electrical device should not generate some certain limit of the electromagnetic and be equipped with the ability of anti-interference in the environment of the electromagnetic in the system. Only every device has the restriction and the improvement of these two aspects, the system can have the full compatibility.


      Typically, there are two ways of the electromagnetic interference transmission. One is conduction and the other is one is radiation. In actual project, the interference caused between two devices usually includes coupling of many methods. Just because the coupling of many methods exists at the same time and cross back and forth, and then generates the interference, it makes the electromagnetic difficult to control.


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