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      The Electromagnetic Control from the DC Motor-EMC

      The subject of electromagnetic compatibility is formed on the basis of former anti-interference method. The aim is to prevent the interference between the equipment and the system in one environment and to use its working efficiency maximum. But the former anti-interference method and the modern electromagnetic technique have the essential difference on the tactic of controlling the electromagnetic interference.


      The former method concentrates on how to manage stopping the transmission of the interference. In this case, the designers of the project are very passive and solve the problem where it happens.


      The technique of the electromagnetic adopts active prevent, integrated planning and the combination of the fight and persuasion on the tactic of controlling the interference. Electromagnetic compatibility control is a system project which should consider and implement on each phase of the design, development, production, operation and maintenance of the equipment and the system.


      As for the method of the control, besides the well-known technique to stop the transmission of the interference as shielding, grounding, lapping, proper wiring and so on, avoiding and persuasion like separation of spatial orientation, frequency allocation, avoiding, filtering, absorption and bypass, etc. are adopted. Sometimes, the technique of these avoiding and persuasion are simple and ingenious which can replace the expensive and big volume hardware and yield twice the result with half effort.


      Considering the layout and the ground electrode at the beginning of circuit design is the cheapest and most effective method to solve the problem of electromagnetic interference. 90% problem of electromagnetic compatibility is due to the improper wiring and grounding. Excellent wiring and grounding can not only enhance the anti-interference, but also decrease the transmission of the interference. In the actual shielding, the effect of the electromagnetic shielding can rely on the structure of the shield to the great extent which is the continuity of the electric conduction. The joint and the opening, etc. are all the leaking source of the electromagnetic. The cable coming through the shield is also the main reason to decrease the effect of the shielding.


      The guide line of the circuit board is the most effective antenna of receiving and radiation. Because of the guide line, it will arise strong electromagnetic radiation. Meanwhile, the guide line will also accept the external electromagnetic energy to make the circuit easy to be interfered. Using proper filter on the guide line is an effective method to solve the problem of the radiation and receiving of high frequency electromagnetic interference. The high frequency element of pulse signal is plentiful which can make the radiation of the circuit board out of standard by means of guide line radiation. The use of the filter can strikingly decrease the high frequency content of the impulse signal and improve the radiation of the circuit board.


      The power line one of the main ways of the electromagnetic interference on the inputting and outputting equipment. The interference on power grid can be transmitted into the equipment and affect the normal operation of the equipment. The interference signal from the equipment itself can also be transmitted into the power grid through the power line and endanger the other equipment structure on the power grid. In order to prevent these two problem happened, a low-pass filter should be installed at the entrance of the equipment power supply so why it is called filter of the power line.


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